Buy 10 Voyager 5200 UC headsets and get a FREE Voyager Focus UC

Go Mobile Promotion Terms & Conditions

1.    In accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the Go Mobile Promotion (“Promotion”) provides one (1) complimentary Voyager Focus UC headset (“Complimentary Product”) for each qualifying purchase of ten (10) Voyager 5200 UC headsets (“Qualified Products”).

2.    To receive the Complimentary Product, you must:
            a.    Purchase a minimum of ten (10) new Qualified Products on one invoice from any Plantronics Authorized Partner between October 1, 2016 and June 30th, 2017 (“Promotion Period”).  
            b.    Complete online claim form at the below country URL and include a copy of your invoice as proof of purchase.
                   •    Austria
                   •    Belgium
                   •    Denmark:
                   •    Finland:
                   •    France:
                   •    Germany:
                   •    Italy:
                   •    Netherlands:
                   •    Norway:
                   •    Spain:
                   •    Sweden:
                   •    United Kingdom/Ireland:

           c.    For each Complimentary Product requested, submit an invoice showing purchase of a minimum of ten (10) Qualified Products made during the Promotion Period. Maximum of five (5) Complimentary Products per customer site.

3.    Qualified Products must be purchased during the Promotion Period and requests for the Complimentary Product must be submitted within 60 days of invoice date, but no later than August 31st, 2017.  The purchase date will be determined by the invoice date, not date of product shipment.  

4.    The Complimentary Product will be shipped to you within 30 days of validation of your claim.

5.    The offer is limited to one application per company site.

6.    The promotion is open to residents of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Ireland, excluding wholesalers and non-authorised Plantronics retailers selling any of the promoter's range, businesses, employees and the families of the promoter and the promoter’s agents, and anyone involved in the administration of the promotion.

7.    Once a completed application is received by Plantronics, the participant will receive a confirmation of receipt via e-mail.

8.    The  Complimentary Product cannot be granted to a participant who:

              a.    has not purchased a minimum of 10 Qualified Products in one transaction, from an authorised Plantronics partner; and/or
              b.    has not completed the application form online; and/or
              c.    has not provided a copy of the proof of purchase; and/or
              d.    has not purchased Qualified Products during the promotional timeframe; and/or
              e.    has not submitted their application within the stated time; and/or
              f.    has not provided all missing details in time; and/or
              g.    has returned the newly purchased Plantronics products to the retailer and had the full purchase price refunded.

9.    Participants providing an incomplete application will be offered the opportunity to provide the required items within 5 days of request by Plantronics. If the participant still fails to comply with the terms and conditions, the application will be denied.

10.    The Complimentary Product is provided upon satisfaction by the participant of these terms and conditions. By completing the application process online participants confirm their acceptance of these terms and conditions.

11.    This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other Plantronics offers or special price support running in the same period.

12.    This promotion does not affect purchasers’ or participants’ statutory rights. Faulty, damaged or defective products, and products which are the subject of consumer credit or distance selling transactions must be returned to the retailer for replacement or refund as provided by, and in accordance with, local law in the country of purchase.

13.    In order to be eligible for participation, participants must have purchased from an authorized Plantronics partner the products themselves.

14.    Participants should direct all enquiries regarding the promotion and the progress of their application to Plantronics agent by e-mail, details of which can be found at the end of this document. The language support is available in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Italian.

15.    Applications, copy of the proofs of purchase become and remain the property of Plantronics upon receipt of same, and remain Plantronics property. Proofs of purchase cannot be returned.

16.    Plantronics accepts no responsibility for lost, late, damaged or misdirected applications for trade-in, except in the event of negligence, fault or deliberate acts or omissions on the part of Plantronics or its agents. Plantronics is not responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server, website, or other, failures or damage of any kind.

17.    Plantronics reserves the right to alter, amend, or foreclose this promotion without prior notice.

18.    Promotional contact details are as follows: E-mail